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We are an animation agency specialising in producing playful, inventive content that engages viewers and delivers results.


Based in Bath, but working with clients worldwide, we create content for brands big and small, including visitor attractions, education, technology and lifestyle. Providing the full service from concept to final delivery.

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What We Do

We produce animation, live action video, graphic design and illustration. Our broad skill set allows us to tell stories and visualise concepts in a way that works for you and your brand.

2D Character Animation in Bath UK, Animated Magic

Extremely versatile and budget friendly. 2D animation can tell sometimes difficult stories with humorous character animation, or make dry concepts exciting with fluid info-graphics. You can provide us with graphics to work with, or we can design the look from scratch.

3D Animation in Bath UK, Animated Magic

Whether you need a clean and clear explainer video or dynamic motion graphics, 3D animation allows your ideas to become a tactile reality.

Filming Video with Animation in Bath UK, Animated Magic

Your story requires the best of both worlds. You need to be able to speak directly to your audience with video, but also want to explain difficult to visualise concepts with animation. These films are great for documentaries, promotional videos and educational tools for museums and places of learning.

Illustration and Design in Bath UK, Animated Magic

Web graphics, GIFs, info graphics, illustration and even company portraits, we can help your brand communicate with humour and colour. Please note: if you commission an animation we can also make the stills print ready to be used for marketing and promotional purposes.

How We Work

Animated Magic is an established animation agency based in the beautiful city of Bath. We are specialists in creating engaging films that combine warmth and humour with technical wizardry. Working in a broad range of mediums we can blend hand drawn animation with live action video and 3D models to create a style that’s right for you.


Our aim is to create films that help to grow your business, sell your products, increase your client base and strengthen your brand. We want your audience to be amazed and engaged by what you do. Let us help you tell your story.

Creative Director Luke Maitland - Bath Based Animated Magic for Animation Agency, Video in Bath and Bristol. Luke is a Bath based animator.

The company was founded in 2012 by creative director Luke Maitland. Whilst training as a teacher Luke discovered that his best lessons were when he created videos and audio content, telling stories and educating through them. Luke spent the next 10 years training then working in the industry, learning how to animate and create immersive content for a wide range of applications.


Luke's experience ranges from creating films that help to visualise multimillion-pound developments in order to gain funding, too explaining complex ideas for universities, museums and entrepreneurs. With an increasingly high profile, Luke's work is known for its warmth, humour and ability to make complex or difficult ideas accessible.

Animated Magic also works with a selected group of trusted professionals, bringing in specialist expertise when needed. Working in this way allows us to tailor projects to your needs, delivering high quality that meets all budgets and deadlines.


The price range for a 2-5 minute animation is typically between £1,500 - £6,000

Some of the factors determining the price range are:


Script - We can work with you to create a script from scratch, or - if you have a script - we'll take that concept forward and visualise how the message can be told.


Style - Detailed drawn scenes or simple animated infographics? Will the film combine 3D and 2D animation? Get in touch - we can talk through what would work best for you.


Length - The length of the film is an important factor regarding price, but not always the most important one. A one minute film with complex character animation could cost the same as a simpler 5 minute animated infographic. Contact us to talk you through your options.


Voiceover - Voiceover artist fees can vary widely, typically they are between £150 - £500 for a sub 5 minute film. If there is someone in your organisation who you would like to be the voice of your film, we'll record the voiceover - giving your film a personal touch, while saving money.

Alternatives to full animations, are to commission Gifs and short (sub 30 second) social media friendly films. These can cost as little as £250.

Next Steps: Get in touch. If you have a budget you would like us to work to with - that's great. If you would like a quote, or if you would simply like to discuss what's possible - we would love to hear from you.

Case Studies

Who We Work With


‘Animated Magic’ has dramatically changed the visibility of the American Museum by giving new life to our annual exhibitions.  Not only do we have animated documentation of what we have tried to accomplish in these shows, but we also have footage that we can use to promote the exhibitions while they are still running.  The quality and the playful inventiveness of the short films are clear to everyone who views them.’


Richard Wendorf


American Museum in Britain

We have been using Animated Magic since February 2016 on a regular basis for our European animation and illustration requirements. REGENESIS operates in a highly technical industry and the animations Luke Maitland creates for us, bring complex biological and chemical environmental processes to life and make them easier to understand. In order to achieve this successfully each time, a high level of detail and technical accuracy is required in the work, as well as excellent communication skills throughout the life of each project.


Animated Magic performs extremely well on both fronts. Luke is skilled and a good listener with a professional attitude. He is also highly personable, which makes working with him straightforward and enjoyable. I've used other (larger) studios in the past, but these experiences do not compare to the level of attention and communication that Animated Magic offers.


'Animated magic were great to work with. It was good to be able to develop the animation in stages and we evolved a very successful dialogue over how to achieve the desired output. Discussed edits were always dealt with very promptly and made available for viewing through convenient media. I was very happy with the service I received.'


Dr Hazel Corradi

University of Bath

The banner has inspired us when working on our new business and we are already hearing that clients and potential clients keep returning to the site and share it with others because they are enchanted by the animated design.


Animated Magic completed the design and redesigns in the very challenging timeframe that we had imposed, and made the process great fun.  Given the variety of creative professional designs we have seen Animated Magic produce, we would happily recommend them to any business.’


Matthew Hill


Fir Hill Consulting

What's the Next Step

Bath Bristol Animation AgencyGet in contact: Let us know the sort of project you have in mind - it's a big help if you can include an example of the kind of work you would like.

Budget Range & Ideas: We will then send you a budget range and a confirmation of availability, if needed we will also outline the best approach to the work. Ask as many questions as you need.

Bath and Bristol Animation AgencyFinalise Budget: If you would like to proceed, we will then discuss the project details in depth. A budget can then be finalised - once agreed there are no hidden costs.



  PHONE: 01225 464911

   MOBILE: 0788 286 2366

An Image for the Apthorp Centre, Weston Road, Bath BA1 2XT a practise location for Soulstream Hypnotherapy. ADDRESS: 11 Paragon, Bath, BA1 5LX

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Bath and Bristol Animation Video Agency, scenes from around the world.

 Animated Magic - An established Animation & Illustration agency covering Bath, Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire, London and South West, UK

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Filming Video with Animation in Bath UK, Animated Magic

Bath Bristol Animation Agency

Bath and Bristol Animation Agency

An Image for the Apthorp Centre, Weston Road, Bath BA1 2XT a practise location for Soulstream Hypnotherapy.

Bath and Bristol Animation Video Agency, scenes from around the world.

An Image for the Apthorp Centre, Weston Road, Bath BA1 2XT a practise location for Soulstream Hypnotherapy.

Bath and Bristol Animation Video Agency, scenes from around the world.